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Michael Malatin

Eric Grundhoefer is back, and today Mike Malatin is the guest on Becoming Legends. Valet Parking might not seem like an incredible industry or a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, but Michael will be the first to tell you that valet parking can be a competitive, and sometimes difficult, business to get into. Evolution and Parking and Guest Services, or Evolution PGS, is Michael Malatin’s 3rd business as a thriving entrepreneur. As always we’ll get to hear a bit of Mike’s Batman Story, starting from the unlikely roots of being a valet himself, and then starting a small parking company, Healthcare Parking to pay for law school. Shows some real grit and determination doesn’t it? It’s really no wonder Michael Malatin was able to build a huge national company that contracts with luxury hotels and resorts in just three years. Of course, Mike doesn’t think there’s anything special about starting a company to pay for law school at 26 years old. For him, starting a business was all about knowing his stuff and learning how to build personal credibility to compete in the parking industry. Eric and Mike talk about the importance of hard work and commitment when it comes to moving up and creating opportunities. They’re not just talking about being an entrepreneur though, Michael’s lessons can apply to just about any aspect of life. Learn about Mike’s hopes to turn Evolution PGS into a family business, and more of his secrets to building a successful business in just 3 years. To learn more, visit

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